Week 5

I spent the majority of class time, and outside of class time, this week working on pieces for myself. These include two more mugs that I successfully made slightly bigger than my last one (so normal mug sizes) and I made a two sets of small porcelain clay earrings. I’m very excited to see how the earrings come out, and anticipate making many more pairs if they come out well! I finished all my moon tiles for Apologia and they have already been bisque fired. I’m waiting to glaze them because I am still deciding on exactly what colors and how I’d like to glaze them. We also began our glaze calc assignments, which included making 40 line test tiles, 12 fusion blend tiles, and 10 rectangular tiles. We haven’t began mixing or testing glazes yet, but I am a little nervous about this upcoming project; the whole thought of it has been giving me headaches because I don’t quite fully understand the process or all the terms and instructions. This feeling will hopefully subside as we learn more about it, and will hopefully be very interesting and exciting.

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