Week 6

This was an eventful week for many reasons. We started our glaze testing by first doing our fusion test. We tested four samples, each fired to three different temperatures: one fired to cone 04, the second fired to cone 06, and third fired to cone 10. The four samples I tested were volcanic ash, veegum CER, vanadium stain k-20, and vermiculit. We also made a line test with glazes that we picked out ourselves. I chose a glaze I found off of glazy.com called John’s Metallic Spotted Glaze. It’s a cone 5-6 oxidation glaze and is supposed to look spotted in a runny looking way. We made our glazes from scratch, weighing out all the ingredients on a scale you get level with nuts and bolts (thanks Brian). We then gradually added a colorant to it, and used a test tile to document the progression of color, with 11 test tiles total. i chose red iron oxide as my colorant, which is supposed to turn out black after being fired. I’m very interested in seeing these two tests once they come out of the kiln.

Another eventful detail of this week is having several of my pieces come out of the kiln on Valentine’s Day! My two mugs came out, the bowl I threw a few weeks ago, and a catch-all dish I made with our black clay body. The glaze on the catch-all and on one of my mugs crawled a little, but it doesn’t bother me at all. And the glaze on my other mug came out beautifully, dripping all the way down to the bottom but not far enough to be a problem. I plan on using that glaze combo again because I love the color and how it’s slightly spotted with white throughout.

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