Week 8

This week was comprised of many firsts for me as a ceramics student. Some were cool and interesting, and some left me feeling completely defeated and disappointed. I”m trying to look back on this busy week as a major lesson to learn and grow from, and not one in which I feel bitter about. We started off the week getting our line blends out of the kiln, and completed our triaxial blends. I used the same base glaze for both, but just changed the colorants. For my basic line blend I tested red iron oxide in 3 gram increments, and for my triaxial blend I tested mason stains peacock blue, violet, and canary yellow in 2 gram increments. The triaxial blend, although more detailed and complex, came to be quicker because I already understood the process after finishing our line blends; it no longer seemed as intimidating, but don’t take that as a sign for me wanting to do it again. The part of my week that left me feeling so sad and disappointed was getting back 3 of the 6 pieces I had in a cone 10 kiln and finding the glaze on them had run all the way down to the patty they were sitting on. These were some of the best pieces I’ve thrown, and the colors of the glazes I chose came out beautiful! They just ran so much and are stuck to the patty. I have never had a single piece run at all in the kiln, and this week I had 3 that did way too much. I haven’t tried to get the patty’s off yet, but I am hoping I can salvage them, even if they’re a little rough around the edges. I still am pretty disappointed about it, but at least I now know how thick I was layering on the glaze and will definitely be more wary of how I am glazing my pieces from here on out.

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