Week 10

This week we had our first crit of the semester. I really enjoyed seeing the progress everyone has made, and enjoyed seeing the pieces of the Ceramics 1 students as well. I like that this class is so mixed with different levels of experience; especially during our crit, I think the fact that many of us are on different levels of experience with ceramics made for a good discussion for each person’s piece. It also allowed for our pieces to be seen through a kind of fresh pair of eyes in the sense that the beginner students didn’t know what our project entailed, and some of the upper level students had never done the project that the beginner students did. I look forward to our next crit as a class for these same reasons, and to also continue seeing everyone’s progress as the semester is coming to an end.

With Apologia finally completed and out of the way, it allowed me to start on the Fantasy Function piece, which I’m making a new bathtub caddy for. I constructed it out three slabs, and put them together so that it will fit perfectly on the arm of my bathtub. The top slab extends a little further out from the arm of the bathtub, and on it I cut out a slit that rounds out into a circle so that I can slide a stemmed wine glass into. I slip painted it today and it is ready to be bisqued.

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