Week 9

This week we finalized our Apologia project in preparation for our crit on it this next upcoming week. I glazed the three pieces I made for it, and overall I really like how they came out. I spray glazed each piece with Rutile Green and Jeff’s Long Beach Blue; the color didn’t come out exactly as I anticipated, instead they have a kind of dark bluish hue that still works with the underwater ocean theme of my piece. The glaze on the middle, round piece especially came out great with the glaze running between the strokes I made in the clay. I am looking forward to our crit for this project and seeing how everyone else’s pieces came out because I did enjoy this assignment and the short story we based our pieces off of.

We also began brainstorming for our next project, Fantasy Function. This project entails that we come up with a functional piece that serves a single, specific purpose. I came up with two possibilities, one being a strainer that fits across the top of my sink and only goes across half the width of my sink so that I can use it to wash and store veggies in preparation to cooking or chopping them, without taking up more counter space in my tiny kitchen. My other idea is making a different take on a bathtub caddy, making it fit on the edge of the tub instead of going across the top of it. It would have a table top that would extend off the edge of the tub with a slit in it to serve as a slot to hold a stemmed wine glass in. It would also possibly have a crevice on the table top cut out to perfectly hold my cell phone in it so that when placed in it, it would amplify the sound coming from my phone. I am leaning more towards this second option, but might also try and make both if I have the additional time to.

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